Hulu Offers First Update on Marvel's Helstrom Series

Due to a variety of shakeups behind the scenes, Marvel fans are immensely curious about the current state of various TV series, with Hulu's SVP of Original Programming Craig Erwich weighing in on the status of Marvel's Helstrom and sharing his excitement at the first four episodes. Getting any update at all, especially a positive one, will surely excite fans, as the number of Marvel TV changes in recent months had cast doubt on the series even happening in the first place. Luckily, it sounds as though things are going as planned with Helstrom, even if we only get a single season.

"We're in production on [Helstrom]," Erwich shared at a Television Critics Association event. "I've seen the first four episodes of that and I'm really excited about it. It's definitely a different corner of the Marvel Universe in terms of its horror. It's a really unique take on a horror show that has a unique family situation at the center of it."

When Helstrom was first being developed for Hulu, the future was bright for the world of Marvel TV, as the series was developed with the intention of delving into an "Adventure into Fear" slate of programming, which included a Ghost Rider series with Gabriel Luna reprising his Agents of SHIELD role. Sadly, the Ghost Rider series was scrapped before it could get off the ground, while Hulu also concluded Marvel's Runaways with its third season.

Last December, it was revealed that the Marvel TV division would be folded into Marvel Studios, resulting in a number of layoffs.

Helstrom stars Tom Austen (Daimon Helstrom), Sydney Lemmon (Ana Helstrom), Elizabeth Marvel (Victoria Helstrom), Robert Wisdom (Caretaker), June Carryl (Dr. Louise Hastings), Ariana Guerra (Gabriella Rosetti), and Alain Uy (Chris Yen).

"We feel incredibly fortunate to have landed a cast loaded with this much talent," showrunner Paul Zbyszewski previously expressed of the cast. "From the beginning, we knew we'd need a group of actors who were multifaceted, who could play all the chords any great Marvel show promises to play, from dramatic thriller to comedy to action. It's going to be really fun to watch them work."

As 2020 begins, the slate of Marvel TV includes a number of series being developed for Disney+ from Marvel Studios, the upcoming final season of Agents of SHIELD, Helstrom, and an upcoming MODOK animated series on Hulu.

Stay tuned for details on Helstrom, which is slated to hit Hulu this year.


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Additional reporting by Scott Huver