Mark Ruffalo Taunts Universal Over Standalone Hulk Movie

The release of Thor: Ragnarok will see Marvel Studios kicking off a brand new arc for the Hulk and Bruce Banner that will carry through the next two Avengers movies.

This plan is in place mostly because Marvel does not have the rights to make a Hulk solo movie, and they have to work with Universal Pictures to make it happen. But actor Mark Ruffalo said he doesn't want to make a standalone film for his character, taunting Universal for not getting in on the action.

When asked if he wants a Hulk solo film during an interview with the BBC, Ruffalo chuckled and said, "No! Are you kidding me? I get to have the best time."

Ruffalo relayed the story about Marvel bosses bringing him in before work on Thor: Ragnarok began to ask what he'd like to see in a Hulk movie, and he laid out his demands. They then decided to incorporate those ideas into the new Thor film, Avengers: Infinity War, and the untitled Avengers sequel, negating the need for a Hulk movie.

"So I will get a standalone Hulk movie, and we will work around Universal, and we'll do it in three movies instead of one movie," Ruffalo said and turned to the camera. "SO TAKE THAT, UNIVERSAL. NOW WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO? YOU COULD'VE HAD A PIECE OF THIS, BUT NOOOOO."

Ruffalo then mocked them in a whiney voice, saying something intelligible, but the message is clear: he isn't happy with them.

But Marvel Studios and Ruffalo aren't going to let Universal stop their plans for the Hulk, and they don't have to take a risk with a property that has had trouble performing at the box office in its cinematic history.

After the misstep of Edward Norton's The Incredible Hulk, the character has been relegated to appearing in Avengers movies, aside from a small cameo in the post-credits scene for Iron Man 3.

The new Thor film continues the trend of solo films incorporating multiple heroes, partially adapting the "Planet Hulk" storyline for the big screen.

We'll find out where Hulk's Universal-less journey takes him when Thor: Ragnarok premieres in theaters this Friday.