Inhumans Star Anson Mount Addresses Rumored MCU Reboot

One of the most ever-evolving elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been Inhumans, a [...]

One of the most ever-evolving elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been Inhumans, a corner of the universe that was initially set to be introduced in a feature film. In subsequent years, the project was reworked into a television series for ABC, which ran for a short-lived single season and a limited IMAX engagement. Recent rumors have suggested that the Inhumans could be rebooted for the MCU going forward, with characters such as Black Bolt and Maximus - who were played by Anson Mount and Iwan Rheon in the 2017 television series - potentially being recast. was on hand for a panel involving Mount at this weekend's Dallas Fan Days, where he addressed the possibility of the Inhumans getting rebooted with a new set of actors.

"People might not know this, but in the sort of Hollywood trades, there's rumored to be a negotiation going on with Disney+ to reattempt this," Mount explained. "And apparently... it's well-known that Vin [Diesel] has always wanted to play Black Bolt, so there's some kind of negotiations going on."

"I really want there to be another shot at the Inhumans, and I want it to be successful because I'd love to watch it," Mount continued. "And I think it is the most interesting little corner of the Marvel universe, and I think it just has to be done -- it has to have the right home, the right tone, and the right vision overall."

Even though the Inhumans series was largely panned by fans and critics, it's hard to deny that Mount brought quite a lot to his portrayal of Black Bolt, including crafting his own version of sign language for the mute character. As Mount explained during the panel, the king of the Inhumans was one of the top comic book characters that he would have most wanted to play.

"If you'd said 'Pick your superhero that you want to play,' that would have been my number two choice," Mount revealed. "Number one would have been Gambit, and number two would have been Black Bolt."

Hey, with the Channing Tatum-led Gambit movie reportedly being shelved once again, who knows what the future holds?

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