Inhumans TV Show Will Take Place Partly On The Moon

Marvel announced its Inhumans TV series recently, and details about it have been trickling out ever since. A lot of details were discussed in a recent interview, and one of them was where the show will be set (at least in part).

Speaking with THR, Disney-ABC Television Group President Ben Sherwood discussed a new partnership with IMAX, in which the first two episodes of Inhumans will be launched in IMAX theaters as a movie-style event, which will serve as lead-in to the show's broadcast premiere on ABC. In discussing the new approach to "event TV" planning, Sherwood revealed the following details, reported by THR: "As part of the agreement, the first two episodes will be shot entirely with Imax cameras, with subsequent action scenes — some of which will be set on the moon — also filmed using the technology."

Inhumans IMAX battle scene moon

That bit of information is not only attractive in that it promises Marvel fans a true Marvel IMAX experience - with action scenes on the moon, no less! For those counting, this will be the first time that a superhero property has been presented entirely in IMAX, which is pretty much the epitome of an event film, and a bonafide milestone in "event TV."

As for who The Inhuman royal family will be battling on the moon? Fans can (and will) speculate, but it already sounds like something that could rival the team-based battles of The Avengers movies, if done right. The bigger question is how that epic IMAX premiere event will transition into a standard broadcast TV experience - will the carry over hold steady enough? If history is any indication, Marvel's bold new gamble in event entertainment will likely payoff big.

The Inhumans will have its IMAX premiere in theaters for two weeks starting Labor Day 2017.


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