'Iron Fist' Season 2 Drops Major MCU Fantastic Four Tease

Iron Fist season 2 drops quite a few twists and reveals that will change the Netflix corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in some significant ways. However, while changes to the power of the Iron Fist were a big deal, there was also a nice little Marvel character Easter egg hidden in Iron Fist season 2 that should get fans especially excited: a hint that the Fantastic Four could soon be 'coming home' to the MCU!

"The Dragon Dies at Dawn" is episode 6 of Iron Fist season 2, and it's a tense episode that sees the 'Daughters of the Dragon' (aka Colleen Wing and Misty Knight) stepping to help Danny Rand, after his former BFF-turned-rival Davos has used an ancient ritual to steal the power of the Iron Fist for himself. Colleen, Misty, and Danny eventually form a loose alliance with Davos' hired gun Mary Walker (new cast member Alice Eve), and Walker leads Danny to where Davos is going to be.

That location turns out to be a building that's vacant and under heavy construction, and the duel between a de-powered Danny and an Iron-fisted Davos ends pretty much the only way it can: with Danny getting a beat down. Davos uses his more advanced knowledge of the iron fist to escape Danny's ambush, and takes his friend out of commission with a crippling blow to the leg. Davos flees, leaving "Walker" to tend to Danny - which she does by promptly call an ambulance.

The address of the building that Walker gives to emergency responders: "42 Baxter"!

If you don't know your Marvel Comics lore: the "Baxter Building" is a major Marvel landmark in NYC, which the Fantastic Four has typically called their home and base of operations. The building is located 42nd st and Madison Avenue - or in New Yorker terms, "42nd and Madison." Clearly this reference was dropped purposefully by the makers of Iron Fist. The question is: Is this Easter egg just a fun novelty for fans to unearth, or the first hints at some bigger development for the MCU?

With the Fox/Disney deal now done, it's only a matter of time, it seems, before the Fantastic Four join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This scene in Iron Fist clearly shows that the Baxter Building is just now being built, which leaves a long stretch of time before construction is done and the building is opened - especially with the events of Avengers: Infinity War probably setting back construction pretty significantly. By the time Avengers 4 is done, and the MCU finds itself in a slightly rebooted fresh start, we could easily see the F4 make their MCU debut, in an HQ residence fans literally watched built from the ground up.

Did you catch the Baxter Building reference in Iron Fist season 2? Do you think it's a major foreshadow, or just a random Easter egg for fans? Let us know in the comments!


Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist season 2 are now streaming on Netflix; Daredevil season 3 will premiere in fall 2018.