Stephen Colbert Has the Perfect Tony Stark Impression and Imagines Iron Man Stopping Coronavirus

Stephen Colbert unveiled the perfect Tony Stark impression and began to wonder how Iron Man would stop the coronavirus pandemic. The entire video begins with some jokes about the host’s facial hair resembling that now-iconic Robert Downey Jr. goatee. From there, Colbert launches into an honest to goodness ringer for some of the classic Iron Man mannerisms. The suit looking a lot like Downey’s outfit in the first movie is a money detail as well. Read what he said below and check out the clip of Colbert “suiting up” above.

“What seems to be the problem? Viruses? Is everyone staying at home? That’s step number one. Don’t go out. It’s not just for yourself, it’s for your loved ones. In the meantime, this is what I’m going to do. Jarvis, fire up the lab. I’ll need you on the workroom. You need robots, tiny little robots. Yes, the artificial intelligence systems that I implanted in those tiny robots may inspire the robots to believe that though they are small, they are superior to mankind. They will likely learn from the viruses how to reproduce at a great rate, exponentially.

Colbert capped the entire thing off with a sly nod to some lines from the movies. “Eventually, they could take over the world. Then, of course, I’ll build a bigger robot. Are you gonna finish that sandwich? Nobody move, Jarvis!” Now, this is all massively entertaining and a nice way to forget about what’s going on outside for a minute. But, it also shows how aware people are becoming of the epidemic. (It feels like you can’t scroll for more than 2 seconds without someone posting a message of #StayAtHome. For what it’s worth, that’s good advice)

According to the World Health Organization, who officially dubbed the coronavirus outbreak a "pandemic" last week, there are over 200,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide with 16,556 new cases diagnosed in the last 24 hours and over 8700 deaths around the globe. In the United States, there have been over 15,000 confirmed cases with 201 deaths as of this writing.


For those who are worried about the spread of the coronavirus, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention offers a litany of tips, including covering coughs and sneezes, avoiding large gatherings or close contact with people who are sick, and washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

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