James Gunn Rules Out Another Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Egg, No Cash Reward

The Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg remains hidden despite thousands of guesses pouring out from fans on social media.

A little over a week ago, director James Gunn bet a skeptical fan $100,000 that the Easter Egg which he claims nobody found actually exists. Many fans took this to mean that if they find the Easter Egg, Gunn will pay them $100,000 but this was not the case. Gunn was simply implying he would wager the money over its existence with a fan who claimed it to be false. Then, the Internet pulled an Internet and both misinterpreted Gunn's words and took them literally.

In any case, guesses have been crammed into Gunn's Twitter mentions and the cast of the hit movie were even posed a theory at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest last weekend. None have been right, so far.

Today, Gunn acknowledged another theory and debunked both the theory and the expectation of $100,000.

Twitter user Bruce Denner predicted the hidden Easter Egg to be the "7 boxes of the Cotati" being acquired by Tanileer Tivan, The Collector. Denner claims it is a tease of Mantis' involvement in the sequel. But, Denner is wrong.

Whether or not Gunn will ever tell fans what the Easter Egg is is unknown. For now, we can just keep watching one of Marvel Studios' best films on repeat and keep an eye out for a hidden extra.



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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters May 5, 2017.