James Mangold Addresses Deadpool In Logan Rumors

Earlier today, reports surfaced that Deadpool 2 director David Leitch had directed a post-credits scene for Logan featuring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. As it turns out, the rumors were not true.

Director of the third installment to the Wolverine standalone films James Mangold took to Twitter to address the recently not-so-hot scoop.

"For everyone freaking out, The Wrap is dealing in fake news," Mangold said. "Chill."

The director outright shut down the rumor, kind of, saying, "I am not making Deadpool." Of course, no one suspected him of making Deadpool. In fact, no one claimed he directed the Logan scene which would involve the character.

Furthermore, Mangold continued to voice his frustrations with the outlet which started the rumor.

The immediate reaction from fans is likely one of disappointment but the involvement of Deadpool in Logan is more of a spoiler than anything else. Mangold may be stating facts here but he may also be doing the fans a service in helping preserve a pleasant surprise at the end of the movie.

The R-rated Logan is Hugh Jackman's last time suiting up as the X-Men character and, therefore, the last chance for fans to get their wish of his his Wolverine interact with Reynolds' Deadpool on the big screen.

As it stands now, we'll just have to wait and see if the two 20th Century Fox Marvel heavy hitters will share the screen. According to Logan director James Mangold, they won't.


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