Jason Aaron's Epic Avengers Run Is Ending With Massive Crossover

All good things must come to an end is an adage ringing especially true this November. As we near the holidays, Marvel is setting Jason Aaron's Avengers line out to sea. Wednesday, the House of Ideas announced Avengers Assemble, an "extraordinary" crossover event that will bring this era of Earth's Mightiest Heroes to a close. In addition to the primary Assemble title, the event will carry on in both Avengers and Avengers Forever, titles currently being written by Aaron.

Things kick off on November 30th with Avengers Assemble Alpha #1, a one-shot by Aaron and superstar artist Bryan Hitch. Things carry over into Avengers #63 from Aaron and Javier Garrón while part three of the event takes place in Avengers Forever #12 featuring art from Aaron Kuder.

"Four years of Avengers stories. Threads from really every major series I've worked on throughout my last decade and a half at Marvel, from Ghost Rider to Thor. It all leads to this," Aaron said in a press release. " The biggest Avengers story I could possibly imagine. Featuring a cavalcade of characters from across creation. And I'm so deeply thrilled and honored that it all kicks off with an oversized Alpha issue that's being drawn by the legendary Bryan Hitch, who I'm getting to work with here for the very first time. Avengers Assemble. Say the words like a prayer. It's the only thing that can save you."

The synopses for the spin-off issues are below:

  • In AVENGERS #63, it's the showdown fans have been waiting for—THE BATTLE OF 1,000,000 BC! The Avengers stand face-to-face with their prehistoric counterparts, the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC! But if the two groups cannot work together, they have no hope of defeating Doom Supreme and his marauding band of Multiversal Masters of Evil, who have come to erase all of Marvel history as we know it.
  • In AVENGERS FOREVER #12, witness THE SIEGE OF INFINITY TOWER! The all Steve Rogers Howling Commandos. The interstellar air force that is the Carol Corps. The Star Panther. The God of Fists. The Invincible Ant-Man, Tony Stark. Together, they are the greatest army of Avengers ever assembled. But will they be enough to protect the Avengers Tower at Infinity's End? Because Mephisto has come to claim that tower's secrets, and he's brought an army of his own.

Avengers #63 is due out on December 7th while Avengers Forever is set for release on December 21st.