Jessica Chastian Details X-Men: Dark Phoenix Villain Role

In X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Jessica Chastain will make her comic book movie debut. In this initial outing, the actress takes on a mysterious villain role, arriving on Earth from the cosmos of the Fox-Marvel universe and wreaking havoc on anyone who opposes her. Now, Chastain has opened up about the role in the upcoming film.

Chastain avoided dropping any spoilers or specifically naming what race of Marvel Comics species from which she hails, though in the movie she is making an effort to help the D'Bari Empire. "Well, I was sent the script immediately, so it was pretty clear, she was otherworldly," Chastain explained. "Basically I'm there to encourage Jean to be her full self and that includes the darkness. I was like, I was saying something, I was like the little devil whispering in her ear, on her shoulder."

Chastain's villain and those alien creatures surround her show off abilities similar to that of Skrulls, though the term is never used in the film. It is possible the description of the villain's race was removed when the ending of Dark Phoenix was radically changed to avoid having similarities to another super hero film which came before it, with Captain Marvel being the prime suspect in beating the X-Men movie to the Skrull villain punch.

Still, Chastain's character manages to be a mentor to Sophie Turner's Jean Grey along the way.

"Yeah, yeah, but also the angel at times," Turner interjected to Chastain's perspective."

"Yes, and also the angel on the other side going, you're powerful and strong," Chastain adds.

Following the efforts on X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Chastain has no opposition to coming back for another super hero movie in the future. She just doesn't want to be locked into an entire decade-long franchise. "I wouldn't mind doing it again," the actress said. "I definitely wouldn't do it for 10 years, so it's an interesting thing, because I think a lot of the contracts now last for a long time. But yeah, it's fun to come in and play and hang out and have a good time and, and then skedaddle, then maybe come back in a few years, do it again."


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X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits theaters on June 7th.