Playing Jessica Jones Has Made Krysten Ritter "Out of Touch" With Pop Culture

Krysten Ritter plays one of the toughest women in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but bringing [...]

Krysten Ritter plays one of the toughest women in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but bringing Jessica Jones to life in both the titular Netflix series and The Defenders was tough on the actress, too.

In a recent interview with Women's Health, Ritter revealed that she had put in so much time and hard work into filming The Defenders and the second season of Jessica Jones immediately following that the nearly year-long schedule had left her out of touch with the rest of the world and pop culture.

"Just to give a stupid reference point, I finally heard Beyonce's Lemonade this summer," Ritter said. "I brought this boom box to the set, blasting 'Formation' and said, 'have you guys heard this??' And Rachale [Taylor, who plays Trish Walker] was like, 'oh poor Krysten, she works so much she didn't even know about Lemonade.'"

Considering the pop culture waves that Beyonce's visual concept album and accompanying film made when it was released in April 2016, Ritter being unaware of it until over a year later is intense, but Ritter takes her disconnect from the rest of the world in stride. For her, being able to immerse herself in work is worth being a little bit behind trends.

"But I just kind of go with it," she said. "I'm so fortunate to have a role that I love and that inspires me every day. It's a gift."

However, even with her work as Marvel's Jessica Jones keeping her so busy she still finds time for other forms of work. The actress recently published her first novel, Bonfire, though she was forced to cancel a book signing during her promotion for the book recently in Chicago when she was hospitalized for a sudden illness. And the illness isn't the first time Ritter has suffered for her work. Ritter passed out on the set of Jessica Jones' second season after accidentally being punched in the face during a scene that caused her to nearly bite through her tongue.

The second season of Jessica Jones is set to be released on Netflix sometime in 2018.