'Jessica Jones' Season 2's 'Iron Fist' Connection Revealed

The second season of Jessica Jones was loaded with connections to other stories across the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including one that set up a future Netflix series.

Warning: Spoilers for Jessica Jones Season 2 below.

In the season finale, attorney Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) finally made her play against her partners at the law firm Hogarth, Benowitz and Chao. She's walking out to start her own firm and taking all of her clients with her, including Danny Rand.

It sets up Hogarth's involvement in the upcoming second season of Iron Fist, of which filming is currently underway. Though it remains to be seen how involved the character will be.

Hogarth had been battling her partners as well as her own body throughout the season. After being diagnosed with ALS, Hogarth's partners attempted to force her out of her partnership at the firm. She then found dirt on them, including the discovery that they were laundering money for drug cartels in off-shore accounts.

That was only one of the connections established in the new series, as there were frequent mentions of Captain America via the son of new neighbor and love interest Oscar.

Then there was the inclusion of the Raft, the prison for superpowered individuals established in Captain America: Civil War.

Hogarth is one of the pieces of connective tissue in the Netflix corner of Marvel Television, having appeared in The Defenders and Iron Fist. Her character has also established a connection to Daredevil, as Foggy Nelson joined her law firm after the events of Daredevil Season 2.

It remains to be seen if Foggy will follow Jeri to her new business, but given his fondness for job security and not wanting to deal with recklessness, it wouldn't be surprising if he stayed at Hogarth, Benowitz and Chao.

Hogarth seemed to have a new lease on life, attempting to atone for her past mistakes, but after being conned by a person she trusted, she is back to her shark-ish ways. She's hired Pryce Cheng, Jessica's rival private investigator, and his new associate in Malcolm Ducasse, so she'll continue to play a major role in Jessica Jones and other series.


Well, for as long as she's physically able to, at least.

The second season of Jessica Jones is now streaming on Netflix.