Jon Watts Teases New Spider-Man Suit Abilities For Homecoming

Peter Parker and Tony Stark seem to have a mentor-student type relationship, and as seen in Captain America: Civil War, Stark gave Peter's Spider-Man suit a much-needed facelift.

While it was definitely an upgrade design-wise,'s Brandon Davis recently asked Director Jon Watt's just what other improvements we'll see for the suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Spider-Man in Civil War

"Well, the suit that spidey was given in Civil War is a Stark suit, so you have to wonder with a Stark suit, what else can it do?"

Our money is on some form of web wings, which were rumored earlier this year, but aside from that, I'd love to see Peter develop his trademark Spider-Tracer at some point in the film.

While the costume might have some of that renowned Stark tech, the world that surrounds Spidey on a daily basis does not, and is very much based on normal everyday America. Watts compared Spidey's world to the ground floor of a high rise.


"I think of it as the ground floor, like, if the Avengers tower is like the penthouse, and we know what it's like to be a millionaire billionaire playboy or whatever, to be Tony or what its like to be a God on another planet, like, that's the penthouse level of the MCU. Spider-Man is the ground floor. Like what does it look like, what does a high school in the MCU look like, what does riding the subway in the MCU feel like. Spider-Man seems like the perfect opportunity because he's the most relatable regular person in the cannon that I thought he was a great chance to just show what that angle of the MCU looks like."

Spider-Man: Homecoming bows on July 7th, 2017.