Moon Knight Artist Bill Sienkiewicz Breaks Down Why Keanu Reeves Is Perfect For The Role

Few names are more synonymous with Moon Knight than artist Bill Sienkiewicz, and he's one of many [...]

Few names are more synonymous with Moon Knight than artist Bill Sienkiewicz, and he's one of many who would love to see the character get his due on the big screen. While he has yet to make an appearance, Marvel Studios Chief Kevin Feige did recently reveal that the studio has attempted to get actor Keanu Reeves into the MCU for quite some time as well, and for Sienkiewicz, this is a match made in heaven. He recently took to social media to break down why he thinks Reeves would nail the character if he had the chance to play him.

"Keanu would nail every one of MK's alternate personalities; chill enough to be Lockley the cabby-or Lyft driver? (because f Uber), suave enough to pull off billionaire Grant, cold & cruel enough to nail the merc Spector, inscrutably badass enough to bring Moon Knight home," Sienkiewicz wrote.

One of Moon Knight's most distinguishing traits is his multiple personalities, and that allows a movie or a show to focus on the man behind the mask as much as the costumed vigilante side of the character.

"1/ I'd wager show runners would explore multiple personalties angle. Dysfunction, conflict( internal and external), torment, highs & lows of what makes him tick. Having him in the MK attire would be icing and approximately ¼ of the drama. Great ensemble casting would paramount."

Sienkiewicz realized over time working on Moon Knight that the character is more of a team book in a way rather than a solo journey.

"2/ I came to realize then respect that #MoonKnight was a group book, not 'just' a solo character. As the series went on, Doug and I wanted to explore more group dynamics and interactions, mental health and repercussions (especially in 'Hit It!'). MK was there as the cherry on top"

Part of what is so compelling about Moon Knight as a hero is how his differing personalities come into conflict and pair up to get the job done, resulting in a hero unlike any other. Reeves definitely has the ranger to pull off the various personalities that Spector houses, and we would love to see that come alive on the big screen someday.

We definitely hope Moon Knight happens sooner rather than later in the MCU, and who knows, maybe that's when Reeves will make his MCU debut.