Kelsey Grammer Says He Would Return As Beast In The X-Men Movies

The X-Men movie franchise has a habit of re-casting already established characters, which is exactly what happened with Kelsey Grammer's character Beast, also known as Hank McCoy.'s Brandon Davis caught up with Kelsey Grammer at New York Comic Con 2016, after the premiere of his new Guillermo del Toro animated series Trollhunters. Grammer plays a wizard-type named Blinky, but brings up Beast in the interview above.

"Beast was a riot, I think he was underused...I believe that they should have done another Beast movie, you know with my Beast."

Brandon brought up the idea of timeline jumping and asked if it was possible would he consider coming back as Beast, "Of course I would," said Grammer.

Grammer appeared as Beast in what's generally regarded as one of the lesser loved X-Men movies - X-Men: The Last Stand. Mainly because the film was a bit of a mess and the Phoenix story just wasn't quite right.


But that doesn't mean that Grammar didn't kill it in his role as the furry, blue genius gorilla type with a witty sense of humor. It was a perfect casting choice, considering Hank McCoy an extremely intelligent man (when not in mutant form) in both the sciences and arts is very similar to Grammer's Fraiser character.

A younger version of Beast was needed for X-Men: Days of Future Past, so Grammer (even though he was still in the movie) was naturally pushed out of the role and replaced with Nicholas Hoult who went on to reprise the role in X-Men Apocalypse.


Hoult proved to be worthy of the Beast as well, however fans wondered if Grammer would ever get a chance to return - if for some reason they needed an older or current version. For now, the X-Men film franchise is still stuck in the past, but if they decide on any more generation hopping, an older Beast will be needed. Enter Kelsey Grammer!