Kevin Smith Calls Moon Knight Trailer Astounding

Earlier this week came the first official trailer for Marvel's Moon Knight and with it the debut of an all-new character into the MCU, one that many fans never thought would get their time in the spotlight. Among those fans? Kevin Smith. An avowed follower of the character, Smith took to his latest FatMan Beyond podcast to talk about the trailer for the Disney+ original series, praising the style and look for hte show as well as how star Oscar Isaac is being used as a hero. On the whole though, Smith remained in disbelief about the fact that a character that was previously as unknown as Moon Knight would be in the MCU.

"Never, never, never imagined I'd see some of the things we've seen cinematically over the course of the last few years. But amongst the many things I never thought I'd see, I never thought we'd see the god Khonshu represented in the real world man," Smith said. "That f--king Moon Knight trailer is astounding. Just like when you're like, 'I know what Marvel does, I've got an idea of what a Marvel series will be,' it's a completely different approach, a completely different sell, looks f--king gorgeous, looks insane. It looks like an A24 version of a Marvel show, maybe because Oscar Isaac is right at the f--king heart of it. but my god bro."

Smith went on to talk about his love for Moon Knight and the Batman analogues that he draws from some readers, while also noting that Marvel "ain't wasting Oscar Isaac" in the show and the character probably wouldn't be getting his own movie if Disney+ didn't exist.

"If you've got multiple episodes you can do chapters that are like half-hour, 45 minutes long, you can tell a three, four, five hour story with this character? You could really f--king sell Moon Knight," Smith added. "Moon Knight could be so embraced the way that Boba Fett was always embraced by like people who knew (him) and fringe people, cult figure. Now everybody has Boba Fett, same thing with Moon Knight. Moon Knight is about to take a big f--king jump man, probably bigger than Ant-Man. You never hear people being like 'I want to be Ant-Man,' that's cause Ant-Man doesn't hover over f--kers on a bathroom floor and beat the sh-t out of them. But once you see Moon Knight do it you're like 'Aww that's all I want to be.'"

Marvel's Moon Knight premieres March 30 exclusively on Disney+.

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