Kevin Smith Celebrates Jason Mewes’ Birthday with Stan Lee Throwback

Happy Birthday, Jason Mewes! The actor known for playing Jay opposite Kevin Smith's Silent Bob [...]

Happy Birthday, Jason Mewes! The actor known for playing Jay opposite Kevin Smith's Silent Bob turned 47 on June 12th. In honor of Mewes' special day, Smith took to Instagram to share some memories and praise his longtime pal. One such memory included a photo with Stan Lee. Of course, Smith and Mewes have a long history with the Marvel legend. Lee appeared in their 1995 film, Mallrats, and worked with them many times since.

"I STAN JAY ON HIS BIRTHDAY! Happy 47th Birthday to @jaymewes, the man I've been standing next to (first personally and then professionally) for over 30 years! Our unlikely friendship led to an even less likely career - a career in which strangers from all around the world wear the faces of two lackluster kids from #highlandsnj on their shirts, socks, and sometimes even underwear. To say Jay was an unintentional Agent of Change in my life is putting it mildly; if we'd never met, neither of us would be where we are today. That's in the roots of any good friendship: you're made better simply by being around the other person. And as long as I've been around Jay, my entire life's been better. So Happy Birthday, Stinkor! The day you were born was one of the luckiest days of my life! Enjoy your b-day weekend with @jordanmonsanto and @loganleemewes! (We'll be celebrating Jay's birthday at @jayandsilentbobstash next month," Smith wrote. You can check out his post below:

Last year, Mewes celebrated ten years of sobriety, and Smith was quick to praise his friend for the hard work. caught up with Smith last September, and the director opened up about Mewes' journey to recovery.

"Once Logan was born, that's what keeps him straight. He'll never f*ck up because of that kid. The kid thinks he hung the moon, like absolutely loves him. You've never seen a tighter relationship between parent and child... She's adorable. So he has stayed clean, I think, for her, more than anything else. But the [Jay and Silent Bob Get Old] podcast helped in the beginning for sure... It also helped in terms of like, this sounds so weird because he's f*cking 45, which means we've been doing this for 10 years, so he was 35 when we started, but it taught him how to be an adult for lack of a better description. It taught him responsibility, accountability."

You can currently watch multiple Jay and Silent Bob movies on HBO Max.