Kevin Smith Thinks Namor As Villain In Black Panther Sequel Would Be Awesome

Black Panther 2 is definitely coming at some point, even though Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige barely brought it up at Comic-Con. Story details are scarce, but fans have been angling for Namor the Sub Mariner to be the villain in the film. You can now count director Kevin Smith among the people who want to see that storyline take place in Black Panther 2.

Smith talked about the possibility of the two kings meeting in the movie during a recent episode of Fatman Beyond. The question of Namor's place in the next adventure near Wakanda came up and the director was quick to voice his excitement in front of the crowd. In his eyes, the character is just a natural fit.

“For years they couldn’t touch Namor, because he was tied up elsewhere,” Smith said in front of the crowd, “That’s a great idea; we are all on board for Black Panther 2. King versus King. Land King versus Sea King. I’m all for it. And to see Marvel do the ocean. We’ve seen DC do the ocean, they did a great job, and now we get to see Marvel’s version of the ocean. I’m all for it, man. I hope that rumor is true.”

With Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Studios has really opened the future of the MCU up to just about anything. The franchise now has a multiverse of possibilities at its disposal. There was one specific line early in the film that caught some major attention and people wondered if the Marvel Cinematic Universe was setting the stage for Atlantis and its monarch, Namor.

Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo have remained coy about the possibilities of Namor's debut in the future. The film's writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely came clean and admitted that the mention of an earthquake on the ocean floor was just a garden variety earthquake.

"I wish we were that smart," Markus told the Hollywood Reporter, revealing that fans might have to wait a while longer before seeing Namor's debut.


The Russo brothers havent stopped teasing the fans and Joe Russo responded "Maaaybe" when they were asked about it during their appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast. These filmmakers love leaving the door open to give themselves a bit of wiggle room. Fans found it hard to believe that the writers and directors wouldn't be in lockstep on something as major as this.

"Some people may interpret it that way," Anthony Russo added. Host Josh Horowitz pointed out that Joe "smiled when he said maybe." The Internet is still waiting for some sort of word on what's going on with Black Panther 2, but with Marvel in the process of casting for future films, details will begin to trickle out at some point.