'Logan' Could Earn Patrick Stewart His First Oscar Nomination

Could Logan be the film that earns Patrick Stewart his first Academy Award nomination? The team [...]

Could Logan be the film that earns Patrick Stewart his first Academy Award nomination? The team behind the film seems to think so.

In fact, the team is surprised that Stewart hasn't received more awards already. Stewart has been nominated for four Emmy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards for his television performances in projects like Moby Dick, The Lion in Winter, and Blunt Talk, though he hasn't won either award, and he hasn't been recognized at all for his work in film.

"The fact that Patrick has not received those kinds of acknowledgments is astounding to me," Logan producer Hutch Parker tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Stewart has played the role of Professor X in four X-Men movies since 2000, but his role in the Wolverine movie Logan allowed him to tap into his acting ability in a new way as he showed how the previously serene Charles Xavier dealt with the disease that was ravaging his brain and stripping him of his mutant gift.

"It gave Patrick freedom that he hasn't had, certainly in these kinds of films," Logan director James Mangold says. "Patrick attacked this thing with ferocity. He was fearless about playing Charles' weaknesses as well as his strengths," says Mangold. "He wasn't worried about the vanity of it."

Since 20th Century Fox has sent out Logan screeners to Academy voters, there's is a very real possibility that Stewart could finally earn some Oscar attention. 20th Century Fox CEO Stacey Snider has even gone on record about Logan's Oscar potential, and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds even predicted that Logan would not only be nominated by win an Academy Award.

Logan currently has an 87.5 ComicBook.com Composite Score, the second highest ComicBook.com composite score of any comic book movie.

Logan also has a 4.48 out of 5 ComicBook.com User Rating, making it the highest rated comic book movie ever among ComicBook.com Users. Let us know what you thought of Logan by giving the film your own personal ComicBook.com User Rating below.

Logan is now available in home media.

Upcoming X-Men movies include The New Mutants, opening April 13, 2018, Deadpool 2, opening June 1, 2018, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, opening November 2, 2018, and Gambit, opening February 14, 2019.