Loki Crew Practically Built a Full Town for Lamentis Episode

Since the creatives of Loki opted to not use The Volume from Industrial Light and Magic, that [...]

Since the creatives of Loki opted to not use The Volume from Industrial Light and Magic, that means filmmakers like Kasra Farahani and his production design team had to come up with practical set pieces — or set pieces that could be extended with the aid of visual effects. When it comes to one of the show's largest such sets, Farahani and his set builders nearly had to craft a full alien city from scratch.

Farahani tells us the city of Sharoo — the primary location seen in the climax of Loki Episode 3 "Lamentis" — was largely practical and built to 16-feet high.

"The entirety of Sharoo — the city at the end of the Lamentis episode — that whole town was built up to 16 feet. Everything above 16 feet was set extended," the production designer tells us. "There's a ton of stuff in this show because of the way I like to design, because of the way Autumn [Durald], our DP, likes to shoot a lot of low angle footage."

Because of those angles, Farahani adds, a lot of the sets had to fully encompass Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino, and the other members of the Loki cast.

"There's a lot of the show that ended up just being fully in-camera," the designer adds. "And it's funny because I think a lot of people have been remarking on the show look, and while they may not know exactly why, I think that they're probably picking up on that kind of added level of tactility and realism that the show has because so many of these environments are in-camera. Because I think that tactility and that realism is particularly important when you're in a fantasy environment, where the conceit is fantastical. It becomes all the more striking when the spaces are tangibly there."

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