'Luke Cage' Star Comments on Series' Cliffhanger After Cancelation

Even as Daredevil season 3 is generating buzz and views for Netflix, it was announced that two other Marvel Cinematic Universe series on the streaming service, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, are being cancelled. Naturally, there's been massive reaction from both Marvel fans and MCU stars - including Luke Cage star Mike Colter.

Colter's first public response to news of his show ending was a positive ode to change, as related to his newborn daughter. However, now Colter is speaking up again - and this time, he's addressing the one big problem Marvel fans are having with how and where Luke Cage left off.

At the end of Luke Cage season 2, Luke made the bold decision to step up and become the crimeboss of Harlem. After putting down one gang war after another, Luke felt that only he could be trusted to govern the underworld of Harlem, following the death of "Black" Mariah Stokes. Luke gathered the Italian, Asian, Black, and Jamaican gangs at his table, which became the halls of he Harlem's Paradise club - a final plan of Mariah's to corrupt Cage from the inside out.

This ending was a far cry from anything fans had ever seen from Cage's Marvel Comics story arcs, which opened new doors os possibility for where the Marvel Cineamtic Universe could take the character. In general, Marvel fans seemed pleased with the character journey we saw in Luke Cage season 2 - in large part thanks to a gang war storyline that was much more consistent in tone than season 1. There was all kinds of speculation about how Luke's new villainous circumstances could transition into a Heroes For Hire team-up with Iron Fist, or possibly a new Defenders series - but now it seems as though all that speculation was for naught.

There's nothing worse than a TV series leaving its audience with a sense of unfinished business - and both Luke Cage and Iron Fist are leaving fans hanging with some big cliffhanger twists. It's somewhat unprecedented for Marvel to cut things off so abruptly and awkwardly, so it'll be interesting to see how things get resolved.


Stay tuned for any and all updates on the fate of Luke Cage. Daredevil season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.