Rob Liefeld's 'Major X' #2 Already Seeing Big Price Increases on eBay

After selling out before it even went on sale, Rob Liefeld's Major X #2 is getting harder to get your hands on around the country, with retailers unable to keep it in stock and now the secondary market on eBay beginning to go into overdrive. While a quick search on eBay right now shows that there are a few copies at sub-retail prices, those are auctions which end in several days and do not yet have sufficient bids to guess where they might end up. To get your hands on a first printing of the issue right away, a reader would have to shell out at least $10.

Marvel announced the news that #2 had sold out last week, making it the second consecutive issue of the series to do so. To goose reorders, Liefeld will draw a cover exclusively for the second printing of the issue (at this point, you can still preorder that cover for cover price or close to it, at your local comic shop or on eBay). Though Major X is just hitting comic shelves now, it's an idea Liefeld has had for nearly 30 years. After a wait long enough to make anyone anxious, Marvel finally gave Liefeld a six-issue mini-series for the character, which is being released twice-monthly over the course of the next three months. The first issue has garnered generally positive reviews, with critics making sure to point out it is peak-Liefeld.

"Major X is a '90s X-Men fan's dream, plain and simple,"'s Matt Mueller said in his review. "Thanks to time travel, we get a pitch-perfect take on Cable, Domino, Wolverine, Deadpool, and more that will have your nostalgia alarms going off in more ways than one, but there is more to the story than just a walk down memory lane."

Major X comes from a place called the X-istence, a universe that sort of runs parallel to ours. It still seems tied to our timeline, however, since Major X ends up having to leave his home (alongside their version of Hank McCoy) to save their world after it is overrun by a mysterious enemy. They end up overshooting though and are thrown into our universe and timeline, somewhere in the 1990s. That puts Major X into conflict with Cable, Domino, Cannonball, and eventually Wolverine and Deadpool, as well as a mysterious assailant known as Dreadpool with Cable-like shoulder pads. Eventually, they manage to get rid of Dreadpool and Cable tells Major X to reveal himself, though after he shares his story Cable thinks he knows who he is. Major X reveals himself to be Alexander Nathaniel Summers, Cable's son and tells Cable he has risked everything by contacting him at this point in his history.

Major X #3 (of 6) will be available in comic shops and on digital platforms like ComiXology and Nook on May 1.


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