Absolute Carnage Revives Marvel's Ghost Rider Army

Many characters have had the title of Ghost Rider throughout Marvel Comics history. Johnny Blaze might be the most famous incarnation of the character, but fans got reintroduced to the entire Ghost Rider Army in this week's Absolute Carnage. One of the Riders met their end at the business end of an attack from Cletus Kasady as he targets every person in the Marvel Universe that has come into contact with a symbiote. Blaze has a long talk with his fallen comrade, as he's been exiled to reign over hell in Mephisto's place. *Spoilers for Absolute Carnage: Symbiote of Vengeance #1 to follow!*

Johnny Blaze astral projects to Earth in an effort to implore Danny Ketch, a current Rider, to find Alejandra Jones. Jones is also a Rider that resides in South America and a former Symbiote host. As a target for the maniac on the loose, Blaze hopes to protect her from the incoming danger. It isn't long before Ketch finds Jones and they do battle against Carnage. As with most of the encounters with the monster so far, the heroes are struck by how much more powerful the villain is in this event.

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(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Alejandra doesn't fare too well, much like numerous others during Absolute Carnage. When she reaches Hell after having her spine forcibly removed and added to Carnage's Codex collection, she begins a conversation with Blaze. They quickly work on a solution to keep a small village safe from the monster in the living world. All of the members of their community throw Molotov cocktails at the malicious being. This is a pretty intuitive way to deal with symbiotes as fire is one of the most common ways to dispose of the creatures along with harsh sound.

Ketch manages to wreck Carnage’s hysterically named “Carnage-cycle” and chase the villain off with a sound defeat. The villagers cheer as they’ve successfully defended their town from the malicious presence. The living Ghost Rider says goodbye to Alejandra while acknowledging that she’s been instrumental in defending these people from that monster. Carnage’s getaway ride was provided by members of the cult at the heart of the Symbiote’s resurgence and he took out his frustrations on some of the robed figures inside.


Upon her return to hell, Alejandra is introduced to an army of previous Ghost Riders that have assembled in a special section of the underworld designated for Spirits of Vengeance. A new Ghost Rider series set to begin later this year has this group at the front and center of the action. Things are about to get way more interesting with some many Riders in one place.

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