Harder They Fall Star Delroy Lindo Joins Marvel's Blade

Blade: The Vampire Hunter will now include Delroy Lindo alongside Mahershala Ali. Marvel Studios has reportedly brought the beloved actor aboard for their new project according to THR. Bassam Tariq is already inked to direct the picture from a script written by Stacy Osei-Kuffour (Watchmen). It would seem that things in the vampire hunting department are heating up in the MCU after that massive post-credits surprise in Eternals. Dane Whitman got some ominous advice for Ali's Blade when he went to pick up a family heirloom. Right now, the Marvel movie is scheduled to get filming in the summer of next year. But, it's a huge get for the picture that's building out an impressive amount of talent. Lindo especially has been on a tear with Da 5 Bloods and Harder They Fall on Netflix. It is unknown at the time of writing who he will be playing and if it's a hero or a villain in the new Blade project.

Former vampire hunter Wesley Snipes talked to Yahoo's Kevin Polowy about Ali's turn as Blade this week. It's become clear that the older actor has no ill will towards the man who will step into the role for Marvel next year.

"We spoke. The issue of him being cast wasn't between us, I'm cool with that," Snipes told the outlet. "I don't walk around as Blade, so I'm not attached to the character like that. I feel no emotional loss, zero, and I'm happy that he's being recast and will more than likely do a great job."

The Blade star had more insight for the latest actor to wear that leather coat. He added, "Make sure you're in shape, man. Make sure you're in shape. Try not to get hurt, that's a biggie. The demand of an action movie is you've gotta be an elite athlete. And being well-conditioned to survive and to avoid injury. And enjoy it while it lasts."

In a conversation with Empire, Ali shared that he was excited but the prospect of stepping in can be kind of nerve-wracking. "It was really cool, getting to do that," Ali revealed. "It was scary. Because, you know, you're talking before you're filming it. I'm pretty particular about my choices, like most actors, and so having to make some choices -- even with a line, vocally -- this early on, it brought up some very real anxieties. And it made the job real. It's like, 'Okay, this is happening now,' you know, and that's exciting."

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