Marvel Is Sending Carnage Straight to Hell

The Carnage mythos continues to expand in the Marvel Universe, with the terrifying serial killer symbiote making a beeline to Hell in order to get what it wants. Writer Ram V and artists Francesco Manna and Rogê Antônio have kicked off a new chapter for the villain in the relaunched Carnage. Following the events of Extreme Carnage and the Carnage Forever one-shot, Cletus Kasady and the Carnage symbiote have gone their separate ways. Its story will be picked up in August's Carnage #6 as it heads to the realm of the Dark Elves to claim the throne of Malekith.

The cover to Carnage #6 by Kendrick "Kunkka" Lim features a Game of Thrones-styled Carnage standing triumphantly with its foot on the kneeling Malekith. Carnage is sporting a pair of horns sprouting out of its head, with a trident in the left hand and a sharp blade formed from its right hand over Malekith's throat.

Malekith was the main villain behind the Marvel event War of the Realms, as the Thor villain attempted to conquer the Nine Realms. It would appear that Carnage is now setting its sights on other dimensions in the Nine Realms as well, bringing it into conflict with the ruler of the Dark Elves.

"This Carnage story is very likely to become the most twisted thing I've written," Ram V said when Carnage was first announced in December. "The killer symbiote has gone through some pretty significant changes in recent times and I've been left with an opportunity to do something new and inventive with the character and the kind of stories you might expect to find in a Carnage book. This is my kind of horror-- as frightening in its implications as it is on the page. This is a devilish, scary Carnage and he's setting out to discover just where the bounds of his abilities really lie. Pity those caught in his wake. The Marvel Universe is not ready for what Carnage is turning into."

You can check out Lim's cover to Carnage #6 and the solicit below. The issue goes on sale in August.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)


Written by RAM V



The Carnage symbiote has a bloodlust unlike any other organism in the Marvel Universe. Now, its ruthless and aggressive efforts to quench that bloodlust will reach new and never before seen heights. But what in the Hel is Carnage up to, and what will it do to anyone who gets in its way?!