Marvel Cinematic Universe Concept Art Reveals Eternals With Thanos

Avengers: Endgame has been in theaters for months now, and it seems brand-new details about the blockbuster are popping up daily. Thanks to the film’s crew, netizens are learning more and more about the film’s original ideas, and few people have been as informative as Ryan Lang.

After all, the concept artist just shared some more artwork from his work on Avengers: Endgame, and it includes an intriguing look at what could have been the Eternals.

Over on Instagram, Lang posted artwork he was asked to create for Marvel Studios, and it shows off a portrait of a younger Thanos with his Eternals comrades.

“Thanos family portrait (not really). I was asked to visualize what Eternals looked like next to a young Thanos. I think there was a flash back at one point. That’s all I know. PERIOD. Be polite, or get blocked.”

As you can see above, Thanos looks much smaller in his youth, but his towering frame and iconic chin are easy to spot. To his left, fans can see a group of three people standing beside him, and these characters are none other than Eternals. This concept art gives the humanoid characters some rather alien-like features given their pink sink and dark eyes. Dressed in long robes, the Eternals don’t look all that much like those scene in the Marvel Comics, but fans admit they’re interested to know the Eternals were once pitched for Avengers: Endgame.

Of course, this surprise stems from the fact that Marvel Studios is working on an Eternals film these days. Numerous reports have suggested stars like Angelina Jolie and even Keanu Reeves have been eyed for the film, and the Eternals would give the MCU an interesting direction to explore. The lesser-known Eternal race is one that spun off from the human race a long time ago, and they’ve been tasked with protecting humanity from another group of cousins called Deviants.


This history lesson may leave some confused about how Thanos ties into the Eternals, but there is a simple enough connection. According to lore, Thanos’ father is an Eternal named A’lars, and Thanos is said to carry a latent Deviant gene deep within him. The tie between the Mad Titan and the Eternal race is an intriguing one which the MCU could explore, and it seems Avengers: Endgame toyed with the idea. But for now, it seems Marvel Studios will save that lesson for its standalone Eternals movie down the line.

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