Marvel Makes Major Change to Darkhawk

With Chris Powell/Darkhawk finding himself in the middle of a black hole during Guardians of the Galaxy, the classic Marvel character is back in the spotlight once again. Thanks to the events of Guardians of the Galaxy #1 and subsequently, the volume's first annual released this month, Powell's undergone one of his biggest transformations as Darkhawk yet.

For the uninitiated, let's start at the very beginning real quick. When Powell first found the Darkhawk amulet way back when, whenever he picked it up, his consciousness would be transported into the body of an android being. That technological advancement would then take the place of Powell's physical body on this plane of existence while the body was sent into Null Space. Comics, am I right?

Anyway, for the entire duration he's been a character, that's been the set up. Powell touches the amulet and he swaps physical bodies and the like. Now, because of going through the black hole that was opened up in Guardians of the Galaxy #1, Powell is no longer able to trade bodies with Darkhawk. Instead of swapping physical bodies with Darkhawk, it appears that the amulet instead creates the Darkhawk armor around Powell's physical body, disrupting the status quo as we've known it. Not only that, but thanks to some funky time maneuvering, Powell now resembles a child.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Pretty gnarly stuff, right? As teased in the closing moments of the annual, these particular storylines will be continued in Guardians of the Galaxy #7, due out next month. The full solicitation for that issue can be found below.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1 is now available. Guardians of the Galaxy #7 hits comic stores July 24th.