Falcon and the Winter Soldier Production Gets Major Setback

Marvel fans are expecting big things out of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. So, news of a major production setback today has people pretty concerned. Some images posted to Twitter indicate that there is concern about the weather in the region and the filming will be moved to another location. They’re filming in Atlanta and there is a chance that they will remain there and try to make do until things clear up. This month has already provided numerous images of the stars in various scenarios as they film scenes for the Disney+ series. A coffeeshop that Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie were seen near had to ask for some privacy as Marvel fans made the pilgrimage to the site in hopes of getting a glimpse of the two Marvel Cinematic Universe actors. There has been other Marvel upheaval this week as Scott Derrickson left Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness over creative differences. Then, yesterday reports swirled that Hawkeye’s Disney+ series was delayed indefinitely. Earlier today, the company refuted the reports, but fans have been anxious as a result of all the shuffling.

Stan has said that MCU fans can expect the unexpected from the upcoming series. Marvel has hinted that these shows coming to the streaming platform will open their universe of characters up in ways that fans have never seen before.


"It's going to be so cool and kind of crazy. All I can say is it's just new and different from what you've seen so far," Stan told a crowd at Fandemic last year. "I mean, it will be totally in line with everything that has happened and what we've seen and so on, but these characters are getting such additional mileage in terms of learning about who they are now, what they feel, what they're thinking, and there's a lot of action, comedy, you know there's going to be comedy. I feel like you're going to be happy. I think you're going to be very happy. And there's some crazy stuff, like stuff you don't see coming from anywhere."

"I think it's time for Bucky to go out there and have an identity outside of the circumstances that we've met him through," Stan mentioned during another Comic Convention. "So, I don't know, he might do all kinds of things. He might even go on a date. I don't know. Scary world out there, you know? Apps, things like that. I don't know what he's gonna do. I can't see him on an iPhone...I think it's gonna be a lot of dealing with Anthony's character and Anthony himself which is always another character."

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