Marvel's Fantastic Four Reboot Finds Writing Team

At long last, Marvel Studios is bringing the Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A version of Reed Richards has already appeared in the franchise, thanks to an alternate universe Mister Fantastic played by Jon Krasinski in Doctor Strange 2, but that was a far cry from seeing the official MCU edition of the First Family on screen. We'll finally get to see them all in action in a standalone Fantastic Four film in 2024, and Marvel has now brought in some writers to bring the project to life.

According to a new report from Deadline, Marvel Studios has tapped up-and-coming screenwriters Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer. The duo recently penned the in-development film Disaster Wedding, which is being directed by Palm Springs' Max Barbakow. They'll team up with Fantastic Four director Matt Shakman and Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige to shape the big screen future of the most iconic family in Marvel history.

Deadline's report suggests that Kaplan and Springer have actually been working with Marvel on Fantastic Four for some time, coming on even before Shakman was hired. Now, with a direction in mind, they'll be writing the full script for the film.

Now that the creative team is in place, fans will turn all of their attention towards the casting of the Fantastic Four. The main roles of this movie are some of the most hotly debated casting decisions amongst fans in the last decade. Feige and Shakman will be working together to put the cast together while the script is being written.

What Is Marvel's Fantastic Four Release Date?

Marvel Studios is moving into the pre-production process for Fantastic Four, which means that everyone will still have to wait quite a while to see it. At San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced that Fantastic Four will hit theaters on November 8, 2024, more than two years from now.

What we don't know, however, is whether or not this iteration of the Fantastic Four will appear in another MCU project before their standalone movie. Fantastic Four is being followed by two Avengers titles in 2025, and it would stand to reason that these characters would be involved in those conflicts.

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