Sideshow's Galactus Maquette Revealed (Exclusive First Look)

Sideshow Collectibles is unveiling the first look at one of their upcoming products, an impressively designed Galactus maquette. Details of this statue are being keep under wraps for now but has the exclusive first look at the Sideshow product which is coming soon. A release date and price for the Galactus maquette has not yet been revealed but Sideshow has launched a landing page where Marvel fans can RSVP for more updates regarding the product and new details when they come available.

Sideshow will soon be presenting the upcoming Micro Con event, which is slated to include a showcase of more of their products. Whether or not the Galactus maquette or other exciting new Sideshow Collectibles items are revealed at the digital event taking place this Saturday, April 17, remains to be seen. For now, you have to look no further for a world-eating new reveal.

Check out Sideshow's Galactus maquette in the exclusive photo below.

(Photo: Sideshow Collectibles /

There is no word on the scale of the figure yet. For more information, Sideshow has created a landing page where fans can RSVP to get more information as it is revealed.

Check out another exclusive photo of the Galactus maquette in the photo below.

(Photo: Sideshow Collectibles /

Galactus first appeared in Fantastic Four #38 in March of 1966. The character has played key roles in a form which this maquette resembles in many Marvel Comics stories like Secret Wars and has also appeared in animated shows and video games.

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