Marvel May Have Just Spoiled a Major Hero Death

Marvel's Devil's Reign crossover event is ongoing and one of the most recent tie-in issues for the story may have just spoiled the biggest death of the entire thing, so potential spoilers follow! The tie-in series Daredevil: Woman Without Fear, which is near required reading since Daredevil writer and Devil's Reign architect Chip Zdarsky is writing it, is the one that has given us the spoiler, revealing that a major character has died in the events of Devil's Reign #5....which isn't out until next week. That character is, naturally, the most important one to this entire storyline, Matt Murdock.

Near the conclusion of the issue, Elektra finds herself reunited with freshly added lawyer character Robert "Goldy" Goldman, who laments to her that Matt was found dead, murdered in his apartment. His dialogue on the matter-of-fact reveal confirms that this takes place in Devil's Reign #5, once again, a story that will not be published until next week. Another wrinkle to the reveal is that a reported eyewitness revealed the main suspect of hte act, Mayor Wilson Fisk. As fans may recall, Devil's Reign #4 concluded with Fisk using the power of the Purple Man to make himself remember the identity of Daredevil, remembering that Matt Murdock is the Man Without Fear. With Matt now seemingly dead, Elektra declares her intentions to go and kill Fisk, shattering the club cover on her sai and once again making it deadly.

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It's worth noting that for most of Chip Zdarsky's run on Daredevil however, at least for most of the time that the character was in jail, that someone has been posing as Matt Murdock for the actual Matt Murdock. Previously in the pages of Daredevil comics the "Mike Murdock" persona that Matt had created became real due to the power set of the Inhuman Reader, with the Mike fragment later using Asgardians magics to rewrite history so that he always existed and was Matt's actual twin. 

Despite this, his existence was still a mystery to many, making his ability to pose as Matt while he was in prison an easier feat to pull off; which leads to the potential that the dead Matt Murdock referenced in his issue isn't actually Matt but perhaps Mike. As Marvel fans already know, the Daredevil comic series is set to be rebooted later this year, so it would be quite surprising for Matt Murdock to not be the one wearing hte horns for that book.

You can find the cover and solicitation for Devil's Reign #5, the issue with the reported death, below.

(Photo: MARVEL)

DEVIL'S REIGN #5 (of 6)
(W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Marco Checchetto
As smart and ruthless as Wilson Fisk may be, he's chosen to enlist the aid of some of the most reprehensible, dangerous and bloodthirsty criminals the Marvel Universe has to offer! He's been able to keep them on a short leash out of fear for weeks.
IN THIS ISSUE – that fear runs out! Fisk's lackeys aren't scared of ANYTHING anymore, even him – and ALL OF NEW YORK is left to pay the price!
In Shops: Mar 09, 2022