Marvel Debuts Trailer For Luna Snow, the First K-pop Superhero

Marvel knows what it takes to turn a superhero into a superstar, but its about to flip that [...]

Marvel knows what it takes to turn a superhero into a superstar, but its about to flip that sequence. Earlier this year, Marvel Games confirmed it would bring a superstar-turned-superhero to its most popular mobile game. So, if you want a better look at Luna Snow, then you are in luck.

After all, the k-pop idol just got a debut trailer from Marvel.

As you can see below, the new footage shows off Luna in all her idol-centric glory. The trailer begins with a girl getting accosted by two thugs in a dark alley, but they are stopped when Luna shows up. The girl, who seems to be wearing some revealing stage clothes, uses her icy powers to save the day.

The trailer goes on to show how Luna appears in Marvel Future Fights' gameplay. A few battles are shown, and they all end with Luna moving into her victory pose. The stance looks pretty theatrical, and k-pop fans are wondering if JYP had a hand in coining the pose.

If you are not familiar with Luna, then you do have a bit to catch up with. The girl, who joins Marvel Future Fight today, was announced earlier this January. The character is the second original hero added to the game as Sharon Rogers successfully debuted last year.

"Marvel has the greatest fans around the world, and they deserve heroes that they can not only cheer on as they fight evil, but also connect with on a personal level," Bill Rosemann, Marvel Games Executive Creative Director, said about the heroine's debut.

"From her underdog beginnings as a young woman trying to realize her dreams, to her noble sacrifice which results in her gaining phenomenal powers, Luna Snow is a strong modern warrior who represents everyone who struggles with great obstacles but still rises to face their challenges. We are honored to join our friends at Netmarble and once again add another new star to the Marvel Universe!"

If you want to know more about Luna, the girl was born as Seol Hee in South Korea. The girl grew up wanting to perform as an idol to help her elderly grandmother who cared for her following her parents' deaths. However, when A.I.M. attacks an event the idol was performing at, Seol is exposed to tech which gives her control over frozen elements. As a superhero and a idol, Seol takes on the name Luna Snow and saves the world one song (and villain) at a time.

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