Marvel Offering Reward for Collecting All Legacy Value Stamps

Marvel Comics is offering a big reward for fans who collect all 53 Marvel Legacy Value Stamps.

Marvel has revealed to retailers that fans who collect all 53 Marvel Value Stamps currently in print and place them in their Marvel Value Stamp Collector Album can receive 50,000 Marvel Insider Points.

The Marvel Insider Points program awards Marvel fans with different tiers of fandom and can be used to claim prizes. The 50,000 points offered by this Value Stamps reward alone are enough to propel a fan to "Agent" status, the second tier of fandom. Those points can also be used ot claim one of the currently featured Marvel Insider rewards, the first digital collected edition of Jonathan Hickman's Marvel NOW! Era Avengers run, Avengers Vol. 1: Avengers World.

Marvel Value Stamps are one of the classic Marvel traditions revived for the Marvel Legacy initiative. The original Marvel Value Stamps program was run in the 1970s. Different stamps could be clipped from the letters page of Marvel Comics issues allowing fans to collect stamps featuring all their favorite Marvel characters.

The same principle was used for the Marvel Legacy Value Stamps, with the stamps appearing on inserts inside of regular cover editions for all first issue Marvel Legacy titles beginning in October 2017. Marvel followed up with the Marvel Value Stamp Collector Album, which is now on sale.


There are 54 Marvel Legacy Value Stamps in all to collect to retrieve your 50,000 point reward, so get to it.