Hasbro's Marvel Legends Alpha Flight Canadian Superhero Figures Come in a Glorious 6-Pack

At Fan Expo Canada earlier today, Hasbro revealed a 6-pack of Marvel Legends figures based on the [...]


At Fan Expo Canada earlier today, Hasbro revealed a 6-pack of Marvel Legends figures based on the Canadian superhero team known as Alpha Flight. If you know your Marvel Comics history, this is the team that Wolverine worked with before leaving to join the X-Men. However, the original comic series had a very successful run in its own right in the '80s and '90s.

Today, Alpha Flight is relatively obscure, but there have been calls for the team to join the MCU in recent years because the characters are interesting, and they were way ahead of their time in terms of diversity (the team includes an openly gay man, a little person, an Inuit, and more). All of this makes Hasbro's collection of 6-inch Alpha Flight figures that much more desirable. If you want to add it to your collection, the pre-order is available exclusively on Amazon in the U.S. for $109.99 with shipping slated for December 1st.

The Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Alpha Flight 6-Pack includes 6-inch figures of Shaman, Snowbird, Aurora, Northstar, Vindicator, and Puck (sadly, no Sasquatch or Guardian). Odds are it will be extremely popular so reserve one while you can. Note that you won't be charged until it ships.


in related news, Hasbro added to their Marvel 80th anniversary lineup today with this new 6-inch Invincible Iron Man figure that comes decked out in a sweet looking stealth suit. The figure comes with energy blast effects, swappable hands and, most importantly, a sword. According to the description, Tony Stark is using the stealth suit and lightsaber-y sword to "take on cybernetically enhanced ninjas." Yeah, we don't know what's going on either but we love it.

The Marvel Legends Stealth Suit Invincible Iron Man figure is a Fan Channel exclusive, so one of the few places you'll be able pick one up is right here for $19.99 with shipping slated for December.

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