Marvel Announces 'Mr. and Mrs. X'

After a major life event, Rogue and Gambit will get their own team-up ongoing series from Marvel [...]

After a major life event, Rogue and Gambit will get their own team-up ongoing series from Marvel Comics beginning in July.

The series was previously solicited as "X-Classified," but with the arrival of X-Men Gold #30 tomorrow, Marvel is now revealing what the series is really about.

SPOILERS for X-Men Gold #30 follow.

X-Men Gold #30 was billed as "The Wedding of the Century" by Marvel Comics. That wedding was supposed to be between Colossus and Kitty Pryde, but Kitty backs out at the last minute. Instead, its Rogue and Gambit who get married.

That wedding will lead into the new Mr. and Mrs. X series from writer Kelly Thompson and artist Oscar Bazaldua. Thompson just wrote the five-issue Rogue and Gambit miniseries, but even she was surprised by the X-Men Gold twist.

"Marvel likes to keep things interesting and throwing the wrench into things," Thompson told The New York Times."I think I was resistant to it initially, but that's my mistake. It creates all this great conflict and intrigue."

Mr. and Mrs. X #1 will fill in some blanks from Rogue and Gambit's wedding.

"You get some stuff with Rogue behind the scenes with some of the X-ladies, putting together something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue," she said. "I felt the fans deserved to see this because we did not get a big build up."

After that, it's off to outer space for what passes as an X-Men honeymoon, with unexpected guest appearances by Starjammers, the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, Technet, Deathbird, and even Deadpool.

"Because they are the X-Men, the sexy, fun times only last for two seconds before they have to save the world," Thompson explains.

Here's the solicited synopsis for Mr. and Mrs. X #1-3:

"To the surprise of everyone, the Marvel Universe's hottest couple has tied the knot! But there's no time to enjoy wedding bliss when ROGUE and GAMBIT find themselves tasked with protecting a mysterious package that just about everyone in the galaxy is trying to steal. What secrets does this package hold that everyone from the Imperial Guard and the Starjammers to Technet and Deathbird (with an entire Shi'ar Rebellion in tow!) will risk everything for?! Perhaps more importantly, is there anything worse than DEADPOOL crashing your honeymoon?"

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X-Men Gold #30 goes on sale tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. X #1 goes on sale in July.