Marvel Reveals Major X's Identity

Rob Liefeld's Major X made his long-awaited debut today, and fans finally learned who the mysterious person under the mask was. Marvel had teased Major X's identity in a new trailer for the issue, but the character wasn't anyone that fans recognized, so we still needed context and a name to figure out who it was. Liefeld provides both in the first issue of the series and while we still have questions about one aspect of the character, we definitely know a lot more about Major X and why he matters.

Spoilers incoming for Major X #1, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned. So, we learn in this issue that Major X comes from a place called the X-istence, a universe that sort of runs parallel to ours. It still seems tied to our timeline, however, since Major X ends up having to leave his home (alongside their version of Hank McCoy) to save their world after it is overrun by a mysterious enemy.

They end up overshooting though and are thrown into our universe and timeline, somewhere in the 1990s. That puts Major X into conflict with Cable, Domino, Cannonball, and eventually Wolverine and Deadpool, as well as a mysterious assailant known as Dreadpool with Cable-like shoulder pads.

(Photo: Marvel)

Eventually, they manage to get rid of Dreadpool and Cable tells Major X to reveal himself, though after he shares his story Cable thinks he knows who he is. Major X reveals himself to be Alexander Nathaniel Summers, Cable's son and tells Cable he has risked everything by contacting him at this point in his history.

So, Cable has a son, but that leaves a big question...who is Alexander's mother? We have some theories, but we're sure we'll find out who Alexander's mother is in upcoming issues.

You can check out the spoiler image above, and the official description for Major X #1 can be found below.

"WHO IS MAJOR X? A mysterious new player enters the Marvel Universe and the X-Men are in his crosshairs! What is his mission and how can the man known as Cable hope to stop him? Writer/artist Rob Liefeld introduces a new wrinkle in the saga of Marvel's Mightiest Mutants! The Mystery of MAJOR X continues in issue #2 as he forges a union with Cable – and races against time to save mutantkind from certain devastation!"

Major X is in comic stores now.


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