Marvel Star Michael Pena Doesn't Expect to Get a Superhero Costume in Ant-Man 3

One of the funnier scenes in the comedy-heist mashup movie Ant-Man and the Wasp comes when actor [...]

One of the funnier scenes in the comedy-heist mashup movie Ant-Man and the Wasp comes when actor Michael Peña, as his character Luis, straight up asks if he can be a superhero. He asks for a suit with powers, a suit with no powers, anything to make him feel like a crimefighter, and is told no. And though some fans are clamoring to see Luis finally get his due in the planned Ant-Man 3, Peña doesn't exactly think that it will happen.

The actor spoke with ComicBookMovie about his role on Fantasy Island when the conversation turned toward his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and whether Luis will finally become a superhero in Ant-Man 3.

"That was the whole second movie where I was begging for a suit and then he said no, so it was 'How about a suit with powers?' and he said no, so I said, 'How about a suit with limited powers?' and they said no again, so I think it's a "no" so far! But, you never know with these guys," Peña explained. "Most of the actors don't know what's going to come about and what's going to happen in these movies. If we did, we would all be Kevin Feige."

When asked if he was disappointed that Luis didn't get an opportunity to join the final battle against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, Peña admitted that he was satisfied with his character skipping the big team-up moment.

"No, I'm kind of happy with where I was, you know? We were part of Ant-Man, the original one, where no one had really heard of the character and I was able to create, alongside with the help of Marvel, another character I've really enjoyed playing. That one was really tough as well because I don't normally speak that quickly or with that high-pitched accent so that one was quite a challenge. For Fantasy Island, and that one, there was a little bit of nervousness as there was quite a bit expected and a lot of it was put out by me."

Peña seems to be enjoying the best aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the paycheck, while not having to commit to long shoots, the rigorous fitness routines, or an uncomfortable costume. Hopefully he gets his own heroic moment whenever Ant-Man 3 hits theaters.