Marvel Studios Hasn't Altered Plans Based On Box Office Success

By now, you know that Marvel Studios has made its fair share of money at the box office. Captain [...]

By now, you know that Marvel Studios has made its fair share of money at the box office. Captain Marvel is well on its way to becoming a billion dollar hit at the box office and Black Panther is the highest-grossing film to ever hit theaters in America. Suffice to say, the production house has made more than enough money to persuade Marvel Studios which direction to take their movies in -- though studio boss Kevin Feige says they haven't let the box office influence their decisions.

Speaking with Screen Rant, Feige admitted that Marvel Studios has always had plans to do movies like Black Panther and Captain Marvel. Though both movies have made an incredible amount of the box office, they reportedly haven't caused the studio to shift their plans for future films.

"The truth is we haven't done that honestly," Feige says. "I mean we've had plans, we always hope films will do well enough that we can make more films. Panther did and then some as you point out."

"But none of the stories as we've wanted to tell them, have altered yet based on somebody's box office success. That being said, of course, Wakanda and Panther and his amazing, amazing, group of characters will be seen in many different ways in the future."

In total, Black Panther made a whopping $1.3 billion worldwide, $700 million of which, came domestically. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, has made $834 million worldwide as of this writing and will likely cross the $1 billion mark in its third week at the box office.

Captain Marvel is in theaters now. Other upcoming Marvel Studios films include Avengers: Endgame on April 26th and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5th.

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