Marvel Studios Character Encyclopedia Reveals Details On Captain Marvel And Talos

Captain Marvel is not too far away now, and some new character breakdowns from the Marvel Studios [...]

Captain Marvel is not too far away now, and some new character breakdowns from the Marvel Studios Encyclopedia gives us a bit more insight into the characters we will soon see on the big screen.

A few pages from the Marvel Studios Encyclopedia have surfaced, both of which focus on the upcoming Captain Marvel. The character spotlights include Brie Larson's Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, and Ben Mendelsohn's Talos. They don't provide huge spoilers or anything, but they do provide some clearer details about the plot (via Reddit).

"Kree soldier Captain Marvel finds herself on planet Earth, with no knowledge of how she got there," the description reads. "She is tracked down by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury and begins to question whether her dreams and visions might be actual memories of the past. Marvel and Fury join forces, hoping to prevent an invasion of Earth by the dangerous, shapeshifting aliens, the Skrulls."

Information about Captain marvel and Talos from Marvel Studios Character Encyclopedia from r/marvelstudios

The next small part focuses on Marvel's attachment to the Kree's Starforce. "Captain Marvel is a member of the elite Kree military unit, Starforce. Marvel's photon powers make her a highly respected member of the team, although she faces a constant struggle to control her dangerous and unpredictable powers."

That inability to control her powers is likely also tied to her memory being tampered with, which the next section deals with.

"Captain Marvel eventually remembers her past, in which she was a U.S. Air Force pilot called Carol Danvers. Danvers was a top pilot, with fast reflexes and exceptional courage."

On the next page, Talos gets the spotlight, with a description that reads "Talos is the ruthless leader of a group of Skrull aliens sent to spy on planet Earth. He is merciless and feared even by those under his command. The Skrulls have waged a fierce battle against the alien Kree Empire for centuries, which brings Talos into conflict with Captain Marvel when they meet on Earth."

Another section breaks down the Skrulls' shapeshifting abilities, and the image also highlights that their suits are not only waterproof and bulletproof, but they also change form when the Skrulls shapeshift to match their chosen form.

"Skrulls are an invading alien race, known for their shapeshifting abilities," the description reads. "They can impersonate anyone they chose, which enables them to infiltrate the populations of planets they are planning to conquer."

You can check out both breakdowns above.

Captain Marvel launches on March 8, 2019.