Marvel 'What If' Series Reportedly Coming To Disney+

Marvel Studios is reportedly developing an animated What If series for its new Disney+ streaming service, opening the door for plenty of crazy scenarios that fans have loved over the years.

The new series will be overseen by Kevin Feige, and of course, will not be canon, because you know, What If (via Slash Film). What If is an anthology series that envisions alternate scenarios for Marvel's most iconic characters, and they go from subtle changes like Spider-Man joining the Fantastic Four or what if the world knew Daredevil was blind to more extreme scenarios like if Loki had found the hammer instead of Thor or if Doctor Strange had become a disciple of Dormammu.

Another popular aspect of the book was to explore if certain characters had lived instead of died. For instance, one explored what a world looked like if Ben Parker had not died, while another looked at a world where Gwen Stacy didn't die at the hands of the Green Goblin. Other characters like Elektra, Phoenix, and Shard were stars of their own books, but death was also explored, like in the What If tale that proposed the Invisible Girl had died during childbirth.

Ironically many of the What If stories have since been explored in full-on storylines, but with all the new characters in the comics now there are plenty of other scenarios to explore, and according to the report some of the actors from the live-action side could return to voice their characters in the animated series.

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