Is Marvel Teasing The Death Of Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful heroes the Marvel Universe has to offer, but Marvel [...]

Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful heroes the Marvel Universe has to offer, but Marvel recently teased his final moments.

Spoilers incoming for Doctor Strange: The Best Defense #1, so if you haven't read it yet you've been warned.

In the new series setting up Marvel's The Best Defense event, the final days of Doctor Strange are revealed...for now. When we find the good Doctor he is alone...well, at least mostly alone, on a desolate Earth. It seems there was a collision that took its toll on the Earth, and in the ensuing chaos, enemies pounced, including Dormammu, who used the event to tear apart the heroes and civilians alike, decimating Earth's population and ruling over what was left.

Strange now travels with a bag and something inside of it that talks to him on occasion, which is eventually revealed to be the Hulk's head. Strange uses that along with a piece of Silver Surfer's board to defeat Dormammu and at the same time propel him and the remaining sliver of the board forward in space and it turns out in time.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Strange's body burns up in transit but he then projects himself in Astral form for the remainder of the trip. just long enough to get to our time. It's his last effort to save the world from being overrun by Dormammu, and if he can leave a warning that world might be avoided. It all starts with the train, something he refers to several times, though we aren't sure exactly what he's referring to.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

It looks like if the warning is not discovered by this time's heroes, this will, in fact, be the end of Doctor Strange, but we're hoping our heroes will catch onto the clues. At least for Strange's sake. I mean, no one should have to take out their own eyeball...yeah, that totally happens.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

You can check out the spoiler images above.

Doctor Strange: The Best Defense #1 is written by Gerry Duggan and drawn by Greg Smallwood with cover artist Ron Garney. The official description is included below.

"THE BEST DEFENSE" PART THREE! In a desolate, barren landscape, the Master of the Mystic Arts fights what may well prove to be his final battle—alone, unaided, friendless…except…what's in that bag that Stephen Strange is carrying with him?"

Doctor Strange: The Best Defense #1 is in stores now.