Marvel Television Hit With Studio-Wide Layoffs

The reorganization of Marvel Entertainment has taken a grim term. has learned studio-wide layoffs are underway in multiple departments at Marvel Television, part of the massive reorganization efforts to get all facets of Marvel Entertainment shifted over under the tutelage of Kevin Feige. It had been announced earlier this year Feige — who previously served solely as president of Marvel Studios — will now serve as Chief Creative Officer of the whole Marvel outfit, getting creative control over television and comics. That's in addition to his current role as overseer of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As expected, Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb will part the company after the transition is complete, though the exact date is unclear. Current Marvel Television vice president Karim Zreik is expected to join Marvel Studios in comparable roles. It's expected upwards of "dozens" of employees will lose their jobs as a result of the merger.

It's important to note Marvel Television will still exist as an entity, it will simply just have new leadership under Feige's watch. It will continue to produce Helstrom and the series of adult-oriented animated shows for Hulu, but future development past that is unknown. That would seem to include Tigra & Dazzler, a show which recently fired its showrunner and entire writer's room over creative differences.

The two studios have long been separate entities, encapsulation various aspects of the larger Marvel mythos. Loeb's programming tended to feature more grounded and street-level characters afforded by smaller budgets while Feige has virtually unlimited potential with Disney-sized budgets.

The next program up from Marvel Television includes Runaways, due out December 13th. Other upcoming Marvel shows include Helstrom and Agents of SHIELD, both due out next year.