Marvel's Werewolf By Night Disney+ Halloween Special Casts Gael Garcia

Marvel Studios has found the star of its Werewolf by Night Halloween special which is coming to Disney+ next year. The studio has cast Gael Garcia Bernal to lead the werewolf-focused show. It is the first Disney+ show from Marvel Studios that will have a Mexican actor in the lead role. The details of the project's story are being kept under wraps for now but production is expected to begin in early 2022. Bernal is best known for his work in Amazon's Mozart in the Jungle, and films from the early 2000's titles Y tu mamá también, The Motorcycle Diaries, and Love's a Bitch. He is also slated to play Zorro in the upcoming Z film, co-starring with Kiersey Clemons.

This news comes from TheWrap's Umberto Gonzalez. It was first reported on Thursday morning.

It is still unclear which character from the Marvel title Bernal will be playing. Werewolf by Night has had two incarnations in the pages of Marvel Comics, beginning with Jack Russell, a descendant of Lycanthropes who has the ability to turn into a werewolf without a full moon. A second incarnation of the character, Jake Gomez, is a Native American man whose family has been cursed by lycanthropy.

Werewolf by Night is also well-known for being the comic series which first introduced Moon Knight. Moon Knight has already been announced to be heading to Disney+ as a Marvel series with Oscar Isaac in the part. 


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