Marvel's X-Force Shocks With Mutant Massacre on Krakoa

Marvel's X-Men reboot, "Dawn of X" continues with the release of X-Force #1, the title that in some ways acts as the most direct continuation of the geo-political intrigue introduced in the "House of X" storyline. In this premiere issue of the new X-Force, we get to see just how some of the darker elements of humanity are reacting to Charles Xavier's declaration of mutant sovereignty and a mutant nation on Krakoa. Needless to say, it isn't all handshakes and rainbows. In fact, X-Force # 1 ends with Krakoa coming under fire, in a violent attack that may have claimed one game-changing victim.

WARNING: Massive Spoilers for Marvel's X-Force #1 Follows!

The strike force that attacks Krakoa are classic X-Men villains The Reavers, who use a commercial airliner as cover to perform a high-speed drop onto the island. Even with mutantkind's considerable defenses (including Krakoa itself), the human hit squad makes it onto the island during the midst of a big celebration, and begins to massacre every mutant they can shoot. However, that mass violence is just a cover: The Reavers are there for a targeted assassination, of Charles Xavier himself.

The X-Men and Krakoa's other mutant wardens (like Black Tom) mount a spirited defense of the island, with Wolverine and Jean Grey leading the charge. However, Charles Xavier is still as altruistic as ever, and won't let his people suffer when he knows that he is the intended target. Xavier draws the Reavers away, and though he tries to negotiate as a matter of saving the assassin's life, he ultimately catches a bullet to the head.

So: Is Professor X really dead?

X-Force tries to position Xavier's assassination as a major cliffhanger - but House of X has already made it clear that it's not. Krakao's mutant society has an entire process of resurrecting dead mutants - including Charles Xavier himself. As noted in a chart about Cerebro's operation (in Powers of X #5):

"NOTE: It is possible for a telepathic operator to replace their own mind with a preivous [legacy] version, but doing so is incredibly difficult and would most likely require a skilled and experienced operator.]

[NOTE: Charles Xavier has done this twice.]"


So not only can Charles Xavier likely somehow replace his own mind into a body regrown for him by "The Five", other experienced telepaths could likely perform the procedure. We may already know that's exactly how it goes down, as Marvel has revealed this possibly telling cover art for X-Force #3:

Marvel's X-Force #3 (Dawn of X)
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

X-Force #1 is now on sale.