Marvel's Powers of X Reveals Amazing Namor Moment

Jonathan Hickman's re-invention of Marvel's X-Men continues this week with Powers of X #5, an [...]

Jonathan Hickman's re-invention of Marvel's X-Men continues this week with Powers of X #5, an issue which provides some much-needed context to the game-changing revelations of the preceding House of X #5. In this case, Powers of X lays out the background story of house Charles Xavier and Magneto established Krakoa as a independent sovereignty on the world stage - and how Prof X established the massive library of mutant DNA and psychic imprints that have given X-Men the ability to resurrect any dead mutants. However, in the midst of explaining how mutantkind's homeland came to be, we also get an awesome moment with Marvel's original mutant: Namor!

Warning! Powers of X #5 SPOlLERS Follow!

As stated, Powers of X #5 takes the time to fill in backstory of how the Krakoa nation was created, and how Charles Xavier convinced all of mutantkind (the good, the evil and everyone in between) to unify as one people, in a shared culture, as one country. That latter task is depicted as a telepathic call that went out from Xavier to various mutant characters from both the X-Men and larger Marvel Universe. Many of the panels depict Xavier's call being received by the various X-Men villains that showed up on Krakoa - but the last scene takes us under the sea to Atlantis, and the throne room of Namor, The Sub-Mariner.

Unlike the rest of the mutant on Xavier's call list, Namor is not impressed or intrigued by Prof. X's idea. In fact, Namor (in true Namor fashion) can barely restrain his arrogant mockery of the Krakoa idea:

"It's kind of you to ask," Namor tells Xavier. "But if I'm comprehending the real reason you're doing this, it's because you've finally realized that you are not them, and that they will never accept you or love you -- not because you don't deserve it -- but because you they envy you. They hate your superiority. And they always will. It's good that you've finally figured this out... but let me ask you: Do I strike you as someone who's just now realized how much better I am than everyone else? And do you actually think I believe that you fell that way too? Go away little man. And don't come back until you really mean it."

In this one brief scene, Hickman once again demonstrates an intimate knowledge of Marvel characters, as this is Namor in his purest, most authentic form. There's no way that the king of Atlantis would truly swear sovereignty to a different nation - something that Marvel fans took issue with when Namor joined the X-Men in the 2010s era.

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