The MCU Avengers Tower Finally Makes an Appearance in Marvel Comics

Tony Stark's prized Avengers tower, a central structure in New York City, has been a unique [...]

Tony Stark's prized Avengers tower, a central structure in New York City, has been a unique addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, only showing up in the theatrical movies. However, as of this past week, the tower has found a place in the pages of Marvel Comics.

There have been versions of an Avengers' hideouts and home bases throughout the comics, but the MCU tower is an incredibly unique structure. The building seemingly leans to one side, with a wide platform close to the top, and the iconic Avengers logo on the side. It's that exact tower that showed up in the newest issue of Old Man Hawkeye, which hit shelves on Wednesday.

If you're not familiar, Old Man Hawkeye takes place in an alternate version of the future, just like the original Old Man Logan series from Mark Millar and Steve McNiven. This new series, written by Ethan Sacks and illustrated by Marco Checchetto, follows Hawkeye through a dystopian wasteland as he tries to eliminate members of his former Thunderbolts team.

In a flashback sequence in the issue, we see that Hawkeye was in the Avengers tower, and that it was identical to the one used in the MCU.

old man hawkeye avengers tower
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Unfortunately, a replica of Avengers tower doesn't mean that the two properties share the same timeline or canon. It's likely that this was more of an Easter egg from Checchetto, especially given the fact that Old Man Hawkeye doesn't affect the rest of the Marvel comics universe. Though, it would be pretty awesome if the two were connected, which would confirm that Jeremy Renner went on to become the Hawkeye seen here in this series.

Are you glad to see the MCU Avengers tower finally get its due in the comics? Is there any way the two properties could ever connect in the future? Let us know in the comments!