Mighty Muggs Take on Funko Pops With Head-Turning Star Wars and Marvel Figures


Funko pretty much has the vinyl toy market on lockdown, but Hasbro is looking to claw their way back into the game with a reboot of their Mighty Muggs line. The first wave arrived only a month ago, but wave 2 is already available with new Star Wars characters based on Poe, Finn, and Yoda. Their Marvel offerings have also been expanded with Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Rocket Raccoon. You can order all of the figures in the new Mighty Muggs lineup right here, but the question is - why should you?

Well, the main difference between the new Mighty Muggs and Funko Pops is Hasbro's focus on expressions. Each figure has three different faces that you can switch between by pressing down on the top of their heads. You can even access the mechanism through the stackable display packaging. So, they're a little more fun than a standard Funko Pop or bobble head in my opinion. They also look pretty fantastic for the most part.

Hasbro definitely has an uphill battle on their hands when it comes to competing with Funko, who seem to release new figures across several lines on a daily basis. However, it certainly looks like they're going to give it their best shot.


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