MODOK Writer Jordan Blum Says Marvel's Hit-Monkey Looks Amazing

Next week, Marvel's MODOK will debut on Hulu and give Marvel fans their first animated series made for adults. At one point, MODOK was going to be at the base of a universe of like-minded animated shows — until the cards started to fall. Shortly after Marvel Studios absorbed Marvel Television, the Kevin Feige-led outfit sent Tigra & Dazzler and Kevin Smith's Howard the Duck to the chopping block. MODOK and Hit-Monkey, on the other hand, were able to continue development.

Despite virtually no news surfacing in regards to Hit-Monkey since it was first announced, the show is still in production at Hulu. In fact, MODOK creator and showrunner Jordan Blum tells us he's seen some of the show, and it "looks amazing."

"You know, I'm excited people will be able to see Hit-Monkey," Blum says. "I've seen a little bit of it, and it looks amazing."

All four shows were originally going to air initial seasons before crossing over in The Offenders, similar to what Marvel Television did with Netflix's DefendersVerse. Even though everything was going to crossover, Blum says each of the showrunners largely remained in their lane while developing the individual shows.

"I was consulting on the other shows 'cause I was possibly gonna do The Offenders if it ever came to be," the writer adds. "It was really cool. Everyone got to do their own thing. We didn't change a single thing in our show. But no, you know I think you want togive showrunners a little bit of freedom to kind of establish their characters and the voice of the shows and not worry too much about how it all fits together. That was going to be my burden."

Alas, the crossover wasn't in the cards, and Blum admits that's a bummer. "I don't get to do it, but we're excited to get these shows out," he concludes.

All 10 episodes of MODOK hit Hulu on May 21st. Hit-Monkey has yet to set a release window. If you haven't signed up for Hulu yet you can try it out here.


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