Moon Knight Director Reveals Show's Alternate Ending

The first season of Marvel Studios' Moon Knight came to an end on Wednesday morning, finishing off the initial story with a god-sized showdown between Khonshu and Amit. The finale has no shortage of action to speak of, as both god and mortals fought throughout pyramids and downtown Cairo. As with most Marvel projects, the Moon Knight finale went through a couple of different iterations before the end result was decided upon, and that last battle became one of the scenes in the episode that underwent the most drastic changes.

Mohamed Diab, who directed Moon Knight's finale, recently revealed that the final battle originally looked a lot different. Diab sat down with ComicBook's own Adam Barnhardt to break down Wednesday's episode, and he revealed that the big fight scene initially took place inside the chamber of the gods. Ultimately, however, the creative team wanted to show off the city of Cairo at night.

"I remember that the way the whole action sequence at the end was written was completely inside the chamber of the gods, everything," Diab explained. And I just thought, 'No, we want to see Cairo at night.' I want to see something outside and it kept developing again. Everyone is chipping in. Everyone is chipping in. So it's very hard to take credit unless I remember. So I don't remember, but I love it. And I love people saw in episode three Cairo at day and how different it is than the perspective that people know of the desert and stuff and how it looks at night, which is another beauty. I love that about it."

Diab went on to elaborate on the filming process, which was obviously a challenge given the mix of real and computer-generated characters, as well as a large contrast in size from the humans to the gods.

"Just like all the other action sequences, you draw it with a fantastic artist and then you move it with in previs and then you shoot it exactly the way you imagined it," Diab said. "So it's like three, four processes and you keep directing it on in the previs and stuff until you know exactly what you want to do and sometimes finesse it on the ground."

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