Moon Knight: What Does Ethan Hawke's New Knives Out Role Mean for Marvel Series?

Ethan Hawke is officially another part of the massive ensemble for Rian Johnson's Knives Out 2. [...]

Ethan Hawke is officially another part of the massive ensemble for Rian Johnson's Knives Out 2. Tuesday afternoon, photos from the Greece-based set surfaced showing Hawke filming scenes with Dave Bautista and Madelyn Cline, even though he wasn't one of those actors announced ahead of time. The thing is, many thought Hawke was busy filming Marvel's Moon Knight, a project in active production some 1,240 kilometers away.

With people wondering what this means for Hawke's role on the Disney+ series, let's break down what this could mean for the actor's MCU status.

First off, it's possible Hawke's role on Moon Knight is already complete, and he's free to move onto other projects on a whim. Moon Knight started filming back in April so it has filmed two solid months' worth of film. In regular television production, that's enough time to film upwards of six or seven episodes if the production is pressed for time.

We do know, however, Marvel Studios is treating these productions far from a regular television setup. Because of that, it's more probable Moon Knight has anywhere from two to three episodes in the can. If Hawke is done filming, that means his role isn't something in every episode — at least at length.

More likely, however, is that there's simply enough time for Hawke to break from the production to go off and film a smaller role on Knives Out 2. While there are still some quarantining standards in place in Hungary, you only have to quarantine in Greece if you test positive for COVID-19. If you provide travel officials with a negative test, you can enter Greece and go on your business.

That said, Hungary does have a mandatory 10-day quarantining requirement in place, meaning Hawke would technically have to self-isolate for a week and a half before picking back production work on Moon Knight on his return.

Moon Knight has yet to set a release date with Disney+. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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